Why Sprease Is the Baking Spray Professional Bakers Use

2022-05-29 20:32:57 By : Mr. Martin King

Stanley Tucci says that you need to grease your pan “generously with butter and sprayed olive oil” when assembling a timpano. It pains me to to say this, but Tucci is wrong. What he needs—what you need—is Regal Foods Baker’s Sprease.

At my bakery, I bake hundreds of loaves a week—in Pullman loaf pans, 9x5" loaf tins, cast-iron skillets, and corrugated kraft paper pans. Naturally oily breads, like focaccia, don’t really stick to the pan. Sandwich loaves stick a moderate amount. But it’s really babka—a sweet, enriched bread that gets drenched in simple syrup in its baking container—that made me embark on a journey of exploring alternative nonstick sprays. Sprease works so much better than any other baking spray I’ve tried.

Anyone who’s worked back of house will immediately recognize Regal Foods; the company specializes in food service, offering a variety of restaurant products like gallon-size vanilla extracts. Regal Foods Sprease comes in three varieties: all-purpose, baking spray, and waffle iron.

It’s confusing that the baking spray works so much better than your standard grocery store version, because the ingredient list is shockingly similar to leading brands. The biggest difference between Pam and Sprease is that the latter, our champion, is canola oil–based, while the former is made with soybean oil.

Aside from the superior nonstick performance, Sprease sticks out (ba-dum-tss!) for two other reasons. First, it leaves virtually zero residue after you’ve removed your bread. We bake our products between 300°F and 550°F. With our old spray, we used to soak our loaf pans in a degreaser solution and then scrub off the gummy residue. Now, a quick spray down and wipe suffices (Health department, if you’re reading this: We still clean with dish soap and a sponge and then sanitize, as required). Second, more of it actually sprays onto the surface, and less of it…floats in the air. While I do find myself sometimes waxing nostalgic for the old smell of floating oil beads, one can of Sprease lasts longer and goes where you want it to go: on the pan.

If my recommendation isn’t enough, the product’s online reviews reveal a surprising level of fandom for a mere baking spray. Abundant five-star reviews note the low cost and high quality that I’ve experienced too. So go out into the world armed with Sprease; host that dinner party in which you artfully unmold a timpano to applause (and maybe even make a frittata for any overnighters, if you really want to unlock the full power of Tucci).

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