Raptor Who? This 150-Ft Servo Yacht Has 16 Feet of Active Suspension Travel! - The Fast Lane Truck

2022-01-03 15:24:18 By : Ms. Alpha May

Will it eliminate seasickness altogether?

The Servo Yachts – Martini 6.0 and Martini 7.0 concept vessels use the latest technology to actively control huge pontoon-type hulls to virtually eliminate that seasick feeling while traversing rough waters. The 150-ft and 175-ft yacht concepts have up to 16 feet of suspension travel!

We love talking about fancy pickup truck suspension systems. The new Ford Raptor has the latest actively adjustable FOX 3.1 suspension system. The new Ram TRX has an actively adjustable Bilstein Blackhawk e2 suspension that can adjust rebound and compression in real-time. These high-tech pickup trucks have between 13 and 15 inches of suspension travel, which is already impressive for any production pickup. The Servo Yachts – Martini 6.0 and 7.0 luxury yachts take the concept to a whole new level and onto the water.

These concepts attempt to implement the “skyhook” suspension idea on a huge scale. It’s an idea that a vehicle can maintain a stable posture no what terrain or rough seas it’s moving across (as if it’s suspended from the sky by an imaginary hook).

Servo Yachts is working with Shuttleworth Design to bring these concepts to life. The company says that this new actively-control catamaran hull technology allows for faster travel over rough water, reduction or elimination of seasickness, and low power consumption.

Take a look at the computer-generated model in the video clip below.

While we technically do not review boats or yachts, we like to have fun on the water. Take a look at my recent boat trip video below.